How would you like your child's first experience with the dentist to be fun and exciting?

My son just had his very first dental appointment with my favorite dentist in Moreno Valley CA. It turns out that this dentist accepts dental patients that are as young as eighteen months of age! At first I thought that was really much too young to be thinking about taking a child to the dentist. I mean, is a child that young really going to sit still for any kind of oral health or dentistry care? I didn't think so. But, following the advice of my dentist, I went ahead and brought my son in to the dentist anyways, and boy was I pleasantly surprised with how great the dental staff was with him! My son got to take a tour of the Dental Implants office, and he got to take a ride in the special dentist chair. He loved it! I have never been so impressed with a dentist before, and this emergency dental definitely turned my head with his talent with children. Now my son talks about the dentist with excitement and joy, and I know he is already looking forward to his next visit to the dentist.

Do you have severe anxiety at the mere thought of going to the dentist?

I know my son had a wonderful time at the dentist, and our dentist in moreno valley CA is probably his very favorite person in the world now, but I, on the other hand, suffer from severe anxiety where the dentist is concerned. The mere mention of the dentist sends shivers up my spine and puts me in a mild panic attack. You could call it an unrealistic phobia, but my fear of the dentist is very real to me. With our dentist in Moreno Valley CA, however, at least I don't have to suffer through my dental services appointment. My dentist and his amazing dental staff at Sunnymead Dental Group understand my fear, and do their best to support me and help me feel more comfortable. The dental staff is able to use nitrous oxide to help me feel more comfortable and relaxed. And on days where my panic is seriously out of hand, my dentist is also able to support me and provide me with IV sedation. Finally, I can visit the dentist without having a nervous breakdown!

My dentist is so willing to work with my schedule that I feel like he waits on me hand and foot!

I have a crazy work schedule. Before I started going to this particular dentist at Sunnymead Dental Group in Moreno Valley CA, there was never any time to go to the dentist for any kind of dentistry services or dental support. I can't afford to take time off work just to have some oral health specialist take a peek at my teeth. Unfortunately, even with my phobia of dentists, I understand the importance of proper dental and teeth care, and it concerned me that I never had time to go to the dentist. Imagine my relief when I discovered a dentist in Moreno Valley CA who can offer me early morning dental appointments, as well as dental appointments later in the evening, to accomidate my crazy work schedule! Between the availability of dentist appointments, and the dental staff's support of my fear and anxiety, I feel like my Sunnymead Dental Group dentist is in business for the sole purpose of making my life easier!

Don't waste another minute worrying about your next visit with the dentist!

Call the best dentist in Moreno Valley CA and see what it feels like to have a dentist that will truly care for you!


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