I know my son had a wonderful time at the dentist, and our CA is probably his very favorite person in the world now, but I, on the other hand, suffer from severe anxiety where the dentist is concerned. The mere mention of the dentist sends shivers up my spine and puts me in a mild panic attack. You could call it an unrealistic phobia, but my fear of the dentist is very real to me. With our dentist in Moreno Valley CA, however, at least I don't have to suffer through my dental services appointment. My dentist and his amazing dental staff at Sunnymead Dental Group understand my fear, and do their best to support me and help me feel more comfortable. The dental staff is able to use nitrous oxide to help me feel more comfortable and relaxed. And on days where my panic is seriously out of hand, my dentist is also able to support me and provide me with IV sedation. Finally, I can visit the dentist without having a nervous breakdown!


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